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This website has been created and designed to be sexy and fun for everyone and open to all, we want it to become one of the top sites that everyone visits and joins, please have patience with us while it builds up and don’t forget its your input on the forum.that will help create this site, we need you so people from all persuasions of life and sexual orientation please contribute, there are other ways to help, see the other pages here where you can get involved.

I am Miss Exhibitionist and it is my site which of course means that I have the last say on everything, any grievances or abuse please contact me and I will adjudicate on the matter I do not want to see petty abuse and arguments on the site all this will do is ruin the experience for everyone and as I have said I want this to be a fun friendly place.

I am hoping that we will be able to introduce lots of new things as we go, it will all take time, this is the basic site that we are starting with and we will take it from here, we hope that you enjoy it.

It has been a dream of mine to own a site like this and I have finally achieved it, depending on the amount of emails sent to me I will try to answer every one personally. I am hoping that we can get some people joining early and if anyone knows of anyway of bringing in new members please tell me, this is what we need for everyone’s enjoyment and we want a diverse selection of people, it is open to all so the list is endless,

Already as soon as we have enough members we will be giving prizes and all of we ask of you is to give a report on them. We will expand this to other sections, best photo, funny photos etc.

We also have a personals area where people can meet and hopefully make good friends, in the future we may arrange group meetings in certain cities, but that would be a long way in the future yet.

Lets see your photos, don’t forget to post photos of yourself or and loved ones.

Lastly join and have lots and lots of fun.

Miss Exhibitionist

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