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This website has been created and designed to be sexy and fun for everyone and open to all, we want it to become one of the top sites that everyone visits and joins, please have patience with us while it builds up and don’t forget its your input on the forum.that will help create this site, we need you so people from all persuasions of life and sexual orientation please contribute, there are other ways to help, see the other pages here where you can get involved.

I am Miss Exhibitionist and it is my site which of course means that I have the last say on everything, any grievances or abuse please contact me and I will adjudicate on the matter I do not want to see petty abuse and arguments on the site all this will do is ruin the experience for everyone and as I have said I want this to be a fun friendly place.

I am hoping that we will be able to introduce lots of new things as we go, it will all take time, this is the basic site that we are starting with and we will take it from here, we hope that you enjoy it.

It has been a dream of mine to own a site like this and I have finally achieved it, depending on the amount of emails sent to me I will try to answer every one personally. I am hoping that we can get some people joining early and if anyone knows of anyway of bringing in new members please tell me, this is what we need for everyone’s enjoyment and we want a diverse selection of people, it is open to all so the list is endless,

Already as soon as we have enough members we will be giving prizes and all of we ask of you is to give a report on them. We will expand this to other sections, best photo, funny photos etc.

We also have a personals area where people can meet and hopefully make good friends, in the future we may arrange group meetings in certain cities, but that would be a long way in the future yet.

Lets see your photos, don’t forget to post photos of yourself or and loved ones.

Lastly join and have lots and lots of fun.

Miss Exhibitionist

red lips isolated in white


Swingers Holiday in Spain 2016:

Start planning your 2016 summer holiday now. 

Jo & David (the webmasters) hold swingers parties at the end of the month in the Spring, Summer and Autumn. They also run a B&B and offer swingers breaks at their home.

The breaks are open to all mixed sex couples and groups, all single ladies and single men under 45.

The last party on 28th November 2015 had 22 couples, 4 trios and 1 single lady attend.

Our next party and swingers weekend will be the last weekend in February 2016.

Find out more and book a break in the Spanish sun for 2016 at www.swingholidayspain.com



No Panty Day:

american contentNext Sunday, June 22nd, is International "No Panty" day. Ladies leave your panties at home and prepare to get flashing, husbands get your cameras ready and see if you can get pictures of guys, or girls, catching a look at your wife's pussy in public places. Great places to accidently flash are public parks, bars and street cafes, trains and busses, open staircases. Post your results to the galleries so we can all enjoy the show. If you have any problems posting your pictures send them to our webmaster at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. remember to tell him your username so they can be posted in the correct gallery with the correct owner.


Club Listings:

american contentToday (10th June 2014) we have been creating a listing of Swingers Lifestyle Clubs in Each State. If you know of any swingers clubs in your city/state that we have missed, please add the details in the forum section "USA Swing Clubs" or drop a note to our webmaster at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



american contentWe are working on adding more American content this week. The first section we will be building is a listing of Swingers Lifestyle Clubs in Each State. If you know of any swingers clubs in your city/state, please add the details in the forum section "USA Swing Clubs".


Help Us Grow:

visit our facebook pageThis week we passed 250 members! We want more, invite your friends and help us get more members. More Members = More Pictures = More Fun for everyone. The site is free for you and your friends to use. Free to make contact with new friends, Free to post and view your favourite adult pictures, Free to get information about the alternate Adult Lifestyles.


Like Us on Facebook:

visit our facebook pageVisit our Facebook page and add your comments, invite your friends and help us get more members. More Members = More Pictures = More Fun for everyone.


Tell Us What You Want:

what nextThis is your forum, so we want it to reflect what you are interested in. Our webmaster is ready to add more sections to the site, but we need to know what our members want to see. Currently we have various categories in the forums where you can chat about a wide variety of topics. We have the Galleries where you can browse other users Dirty Pictures and post your own naughty bits for us all to enjoy. Now we want to know what YOU would like to see added to the site. Either join the conversation in the forum category - "What Do You Want", or use the form on the contact us pages to let us know.


Show Us Your Pictures:

jojo flashingWe don't only have the forum to keep you amused! We also have the Members galleries where you can create your own gallery and upload naughty pictures of you, your partner and friends. They can be as dirty as you like, just as long as they are legal (no minors, no animals, no extreme violence.)


Follow us On Twitter:

twitterWe are now on Twitter and invite you to join us and comment on our posts and invite your friends as well. Our twitter name is https://twitter.com/TheAdultArea


Check us out on Tumblr:

tumblrIf you have a Tumblr account come along and check out even more of our horny pictures in our Tumblr blog at http://www.tumblr.com/blog/missexhibitionist. If you don't have a Tumblr account why not create one, its all free!


Got a Question about Swinging?:

the swinging guruWe have a guest who will answer all your questions about the swinging lifestyle. Don't be shy to ask, you will get an honest answer.
If you have knowledge on an adult topic and would like to share your knowledge please feel free to add your input.


About the Forum:

pic1_03Click on the link above to enter the forum, to see all the forum topics you have to register, then sit back and enjoy, there are lots of different subjects for you to browse, and of course we take suggestions for new ones. Remember we are a brand new site just trying to build some viewers to start with so if you do not stay please do come back later, we would prefer it if you contribute and help make this the forum that everyone wants, without you we cannot do it, we need you and your friends. Give us a chance for a time, stick around, contribute, make posts in the forum, add pictures of yourself and your loved one, if you don’t have anyone advertise in the Meeting Place, on the forum.


Prizes, Prizes, Prizes

pic2_06Prizes, Prizes, Prizes:Yes after a few weeks in operation and after a few members join we will be regularly offering sex toy prizes for different categories, we will let everyone know when we start this, read more on our About us Page., All we ask is that you do a report on the sex toy that you win so that we have a set of reviews for other forum posters to read and know what to buy. You do not have to wait until you get one free from us, you can write a review on any of the sex toys that you currently own.


Let’s make this the Forum you have always wanted

pic3_09Let’s make this the Forum you have always wanted: We will be trying to introduce new things and new ideas all the time, where will these ideas come from, you the public we want to hear from you. Lets try and have sections with real wives and girlfriends and keep it that way there will be other sections on the site for all the other things you want, read HOW CAN YOU HELP section and see how to become involved, on this we can assure it that it will be fun once it gets going.um online


Anyone that joins in the first six months

8Anyone that joins in the first 6 months will never have to pay anything, we are going to try and keep this free forever but we never knows what will happen in the future. We will be looking for Admins in all areas and interests if you think you could do this send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell us why. Do you have any special knowledge that would be fun.


We want to make this the best forum you want

We want to try and make this one of the best forums on the internet offering the biggest and the best prizes for the best pictures, prizes for best story prizes, and real funny pictures of you and or other half, let’s make this forum to reach the whole English speaking.

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