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08 Jun 2014 07:01 #385 by guru
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Have you ever been turned on by the feeling of someone breathing on the back of your neck?

Have you ever felt goose bumps when someone blew on your nipples?

Has the feeling of someone putting their hand over your mouth to hush your groans during sex been an even greater turn on?

These are all types of Breath Play

Breath Play involves controlling breath to stimulate and arouse.

We will look at both natural and restrictive breath play..


Breathing is a natural process and this can be used to great effect in the bedroom! At the most basic level a well-timed gasp or increase in the pace of breathing can help your partner identify what’s rocking your world without having to spell it out! Add to this a breath or blow onto the skin and this can really heat things up. Many people incorporate breath play without realising it, from breathing and nuzzling an earlobe to a teasing breath on the inner thigh, you’re well into Breath Play without even knowing it.

For the more adventurous, try playing with your partner against a window or mirror so that you can see your hot breath steam them up – as long as you’re being safe this is great fun for working out what makes you gasp!


Restrictive Breath Play can be dangerous: I am sure you have seen articles in the news about people who have died while engaged in Restrictive Breath Play.

Restricting a persons airways must be done with the persons consent and great care or not at all.

Many people have already experienced restrictive breath control without attaching a label.

Burying your head into a pillow to stifle a moan can cause a rush of a heightened sensation.

Have you ever enjoyed a deep, long kiss that left you gasping for breath? This is also a form of breath play, and enjoyment of this may mean that you would enjoy exploring breath play further.

A very common first step that many people, especially women, discover is when a lover put a hand over their mouth to quieten their moans or screams during a great sex session. This discovery is often developed by using soft gags such as silk scarves, or other porus gags that allow easy though slightly restricted breathing.

The result of the restrictions is a rush of sensation to the erogenous zones, giddiness and a light headed feeling, caused by the sense of helplessness and a reduced level of oxygen.

If you experiment with full breath control such as covering the mouth and nose with a non porus gag or by holding the throat you must only do so with extreme care and with an agreed safety signal by your partner to signal when you are going too far, as you are effectively blocking all their air supply.

If your partner blacks out,you have gone too far. The aim is to heighten sensation, not cause a person to lose consciousness.

Full, intentional restriction of breath can limit the oxygen to the brain with potentially dangerous consequences - DEATH!
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Wow. Never knew this.

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